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Stone strips and brick strips enhance your interior

More and more people are discovering TESU stone strips. Strips are available in natural stone, ceramic, traditional brick and artificial stone. You can create a warm atmosphere in any area with brick strips or stone strips, both indoors and outdoors. TESU stone strips are easy to apply, so it's an ideal DIY product. Strips are available in various sizes and thicknesses. Stone strips are ideal for any area, whether it be a whole wall in your living room, a small back wall in the toilet, a bedroom wall, or the conservatory. Stone strips and brick strips are also popular in the hospitality industry.


Types and uses

Stone Strip Store has a wide assortment of strips, so we will always have a model in our range that matches your interior. The various types of stone and brick each have their own characteristics and features. Whether your preference is for an exciting mixture of sizes or a more traditional look, there is a style to suit your needs for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, conservatory, toilet, facade, etc. Our strips can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they can even be applied in wet areas or around a fireplace. We also stock strips sawn from real vintage bricks. Stone strips and brick strips with character!


Would you like a sample?

We understand better than anyone that ordering a stone strip or brick strip online can raise questions. Does the colour meet your expectations? Which type of stone or brick best matches your interior? To resolve this, we can send you a free sample of the strip of your preference, so you can immediately see whether this is what you need. Online ordering is then really simple, as your order will be delivered to your home.  If you want to see what our strips look like in reality when applied to a large surface, come and visit the Trendia showroom in Breda.