TESU practical, thin stone slips...

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More and more people are discovering the thin TESU stone cladding or slips. Made from real stone with a natural profile. To easily create a trendy atmosphere in any space. TESU natural stone cladding, for houses, shops and restaurants with character... a practical DIY-product.

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No brick or cast slips, but real, natural stone. Unique, thin stone cladding, in 100% natural colours.


Natural stone is cut into small, irregular pieces that are glued back together. The Z or puzzle shape means that the TESU natural stone slips dovetail precisely. No pointing necessary, just stick them on the wall and you are ready...


  • Size: Z-shape, 40 x 12 cm.
  • Thickness: Only 5 - 10 mm. (sometimes 10-15 mm)
  • No corner pieces necessary.
  • Weight: only about 23 kg per m².


The slips are easy to install and the great advantage of TESU natural stone cladding is that pointing is no longer necessary. There are no joints! You can clad every flat wall inside, and even outside.


Corner pieces are not required


Because they are made from natural stone, the slips are coloured through and through. Just apply a little impregnating agent or wax onto the cut edge and the colour of the edge is fixed in no time at all. By the way, corner pieces are not required. The slips can be joined ‘cold’ on the outside corners (=without leaving any space).


Only 5 to 10 mm thick (or 10 to 15 mm)


Practical size Z-shape circa 40 x 12 cm and most of the slips are only 5 to 10 mm thick. Easy to install. TESU natural stone cladding is always installed without joints. Just stick them on the wall and you are ready!


Also suitable for outside use


TESU natural stone cladding can also be used outside. The only difference is that you have to put a layer of adhesive on the entire wall and press the slips into it. Outside use is endorsed by the manufacturer, but the responsibility for professional handling and the risk of, for instance, frost damage, or rust, remains with the end user.  You can make the stone water-repellent with SEALGUARD. This also minimises the risk of frost damage.




When ordering TESU natural stone cladding please take into account that handling and cutting the slips will lead to breakages. In addition, some slips may get broken during shipment.  However, there is no need to panic, because even broken pieces can be used. The slips are installed half-brick, so you also need uneven pieces, without running short. We advise to order around 5 to 10 % more than the area you have measured.


Example: length 3.00 and height 2.50 is 3 x 2.5 = 7.5 m² plus 10% is 8.25 m² required.


The slips are sold by the box. By placing the items in your ‘shopping basket’, you will get an overview and total price for your order. Slips are always sold by the box (depending on the thickness there are 7 or 8 slips in each box).

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