No.1 CERCOL F.55 stone slip adhesive
No.1 CERCOL F.55 stone slip adhesive
High-grade adhesive, suitable for installing TESU natural stone cladding. Consumption: 1 bag for 10 m². This glue has great adhesive power, making it the adhesive of choice to carry the weight of the stone cladding.
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Do not forget to prepare the wall with F.28


  • It is important that the wall is prepared 1 day in advance with primer.
  • Then apply a few dollops of CERCOL F.55 to the back of the slip, and press onto the wall with a sliding motion.
  • CERCOL F.55 adhesive has a high adhesive power and may be used on nearly all flat surfaces.
  • The consumption is around 1 bag per 10 m² TESU natural stone cladding.


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