Golden Sand

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Quartzite stone strip.

This type of stone combines well with any interior. Its many different tints mean it quickly compliments other elements in your interior. Top-quality quartzite stone, with grey, beige, white, greenish and salmon tones, and highlights of golden sand-coloured stones.

This Z-shaped stone strip panel contains pieces of stone in various sizes. The stones are connected to each other at the rear of the panel. The size of stones in each row varies, which we call vari-format. 12 x 40 cm Z-shape. These thin stone strips are easy to apply. Corner pieces are not required with this style. 

See the video tutorial in our online store on how to apply natural stone strips.

More Information
More Information
Dimensions Z-vorm 12 x 40 cm
Thinkness 1 tot 1,5 cm
Quantity in box 8