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Amsterdam 'waaltjes'

The brick slips were produced as brick slips, and then tumbled and aged. The Waal format 21x5 cm gives your wall the authentic look. This strip fits perfectly in an industrial environment.

Material, Production & Technical features

This completely natural product is made of loam, clay and ground bricks. The compressed brick strip is dried in the open air. The brick strips are directly produced as brick strips, in contrast to the production method whereby the whole brick is fired and then sawn into brick strips. Less energy used in the production, less emission of CO2.

The brick strip is shaped in a revolutionary press and fired at a temperature of at least 1100°C.

Production size (L x W x H):
WF: 210 X 50 X 20 mm - WDF: 210 x 65 x 20 mm
Freeze/thaw resistance: F2
Water absorption (24 hours): < 6%
Flexural tensile strength: 6 N/mm2

More Information
More Information
Dimensions 21x5 cm
Thinkness 2 cm
Quantity in box 38