Sonokeling (SALE !)

ReWood® wood panels. Dark color. ReWood® Natural Dark (Sonokeling) The difference in thickness of the pieces of wood gives a playful effect to your ReWood®-covered walls. Striking, chic creations are made with Sonokeling wood strips ...

ReWood® Woodstrips. Type: Natural Dark Sonokeling

Made from recycled wood, including old fishing boats from Java, Indonesia. Make your interior more atmospheric, with ReWood® wood panels.

Wooden wallcovering, with the atmospheric appearance.Due to the difference in thickness of the pieces of wood together creates a playful effect. The dark, sometimes almost purplish brown tones of the wood make it possible to create a good contrast.

Woodstrips can also be used for other purposes, such as tables, cabinets, paintings, etc.

Applicable in any room, in your home, shop, office, or catering facility.

This species consists of small flat pieces of recycled teak, glued on a plywood plate.

The wood strips are preferably attached to a (wooden) back wall with a nail gun.

Applicability: inside.

Type of wood: teak

Z-shape wood panel 20x80 cm. The Z-shape means that the panels fit neatly together, and transitions become invisible.

Additional Information

Name Sonokeling (SALE !)
Price indication Square meter
Dimensions Z-'shape' 80x20 cm - netto 60x20 cm
Thinkness max 2 cm
Quantity in box 8 = 0.96 m2

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Sonokeling (SALE !)

Please allow 10% saw/breakage loss

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Price per m2
1 box = 0.96 m2

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