10 mm spacers

Please allow 10% saw/breakage loss
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Spacers for traditional brick strips.  10 mm  (  1 cm. ) 

This size of spacer is often used to help applying traditional brick strips. They are for joint widths of 1 cm. If the tile spacers are inserted perpendicular to the joint, they can easily be removed and reused after the adhesive dries. It is also important that you continually use a spirit level to check that each row of strips is level. A pack contains 50 pieces.  4 to  5 packs are generally sufficient for tiling work to continue smoothly. Fast tilers will use more spacers.

These spacers ensure that the brick strips are kept at the right distance from each other, and that the strips do not sag or fall off before the adhesive sets. Traditional stone strips and brick strips cut from real bricks are easier to apply  with this useful product. Don’t forget to order them!

More Information
More Information
Dimensions 10 mm ofwel 1 cm kruisjes
Thinkness 10 mm
Quantity in box 1 = 50 st