Natural & Artificial

Natural stonepanels

Stonecladdingshop supplies thin natural stonepanels, from 5 to 15 mm, along with some thicker styles. The stonepanels are made from various types of stone, such as slate, quartzite, sandstone, travertine and granite. The colour and texture of each type of stone is unique. Choose the type of stone that best matches your interior.


These natural stone panels feature various different-sized stones incorporated into a stone panel, which gives them a non-uniform look. The Z-shape of the panels is also characteristic. It means that panels fit together perfectly, and avoids unnatural seams. Each panel consists of two sizes of stones: Four strips of stone, which are 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm high.


Natural stonepanels are very easy to apply. These panels do not need corner pieces. Because the colours in natural stone is consistent throughout, a little impregnator or wax on cut surfaces is all that is needed to finish these surfaces. The panels can be placed against each other on protruding corners without joints, so no grout is required.