brick strips on the floor

useful tip:

Always prepare the surface well. (surface priming). Use the tile adhesive and joint material recommended for the brick strips.
Before grouting, lightly moisten the stone with a plant sprayer. This prevents the grout from drying out too quickly. After grouting, lightly moisten the floor again.

Unique Antique

sawn from used old bricks

Type Unique Antique can also be called a beauty on the floor.
In the photo on the side you can see this species processed in a 'herringbone pattern'.

Almost 100 year old stone. 'Industrial warm gray' with lots of character and signs of wear.

The brick strips are sawn from the old used brick. This concerns the beautiful visible sides of the brick. This type of stone is certainly unique, comes from demolition, and brings a nostalgic atmosphere to your space. You can also achieve the industrial atmosphere in this color. The combination of wood and concrete, and black steel frames make the combination particularly successful. Warmth, that's what it's all about.

The recommended color for the joint cement is beige. (color 935) This color is neutral and the end result remains all about the stone.

Jointing stone slips on the floor takes time. But when you see the end result afterwards, you will be more than satisfied. Do you need tips? Call or email us. We are happy to give you advice.