Applying ReWood®

Make sure the surface you're adhering to can be nailed into.

The best way to apply ReWood® wood strips is with thin nails with small heads. Pieces can cut by hand or machine. Machines can be used to make mitre cuts on corners. A nail gun is recommended for inserting nails, because the nails end up deeper in the wood, and cannot be seen.

Attach a thin board to brick walls, so that wood strips can be nailed to it.


Wood 'moves'

Because some wooden panels can be warped, nails are recommended. It is difficult to correct the curvature of a wood panel properly using adhesive. Nails can solve this problem, as can a combination of nails and adhesive.

Apply pieces vertically, checking each row with a spirit level. Applying wood strips goes quickly, so results are almost instant! As with any craft, a certain amount of skill and accuracy is required. You can bang nails further into the wood with a nail punch, and fill the holes with liquid wood in the right colour. If you use a nail gun, recessing nails is usually unnecessary because the nails are inserted a little deeper into the wood.

It is recommended to order 10% extra in connection with cutting losses. ReWood® wood strips are sold per full box.



This product consists of small thin pieces of 5 x 20 cm wood in different thicknesses (2 mm, 4 mm, and 6 mm). The pieces of wood are glued onto a flat surface with an adhesive specially recommended for the purpose. You only need a spirit level, pencil and saw. 

Mounting Panelwood