Meer informatie over verwerking van Steenstrips


Applicable to all brick/stone strips:  

  • Use CERCOL F.55 tile adhesive, and prepare the wall 1 day in advance with F.28 precoat.
  • Quantity of adhesive required: One 25 kg bag of F.55 tile adhesive for 8 to 10 m².
  • Precoat: 1 litre of F.28 per 10 m².

Please note: use white Cermarmo adhesive for the white natural stones from our range.

Corner pieces

Some stone/brick strips require corner pieces, others do not. Thin natural stone strips, due to its natural quality, are consistent in colour throughout. This product does not require corner pieces, and we do not supply them. A little impregnator or wax on cut surfaces is all that is needed to finish these surfaces. The strips can be placed against each other on protruding corners without a space in the joint. The corner pieces sold in our online store are for certain types of strips which require them for perfect finishing of protruding corners.

Easy to apply

All brick/stone strips are easy to apply. Always apply TESU natural stone strips without grout. The joints of artificial brick strips, which are similar in appearance to a brick wall, and real brick strips sawn from old bricks, must be pointed. The pointing mortar is made from a 4:1 sand/cement mix. But for most of our products it's simply a matter of sticking them to the wall! The adhesive is applied to the wall with a notched trowel, and brick/stone strips pushed against it with a sliding motion. By covering the entire wall, any cracks present are hidden. Check the top of each new row with a spirit level. If it is level, start the next row. Use a grinder and diamond disc for easy cutting.

The ceramic stone strips (wall tiles) from our range are grouted with special grouts.

Suitable for outdoors? 

TESU  natural stone strips can also be used outdoors. In this case, you must also cover the whole wall with sufficient adhesive, and press the strips into it. Outdoor application is endorsed by the manufacturer, but the customer remains responsibility for skilled application and any risks of frost damage or rust formation. Rust formation is particularly likely with slate products.

Impregnate with SEALGUARD or Antique Marbleproducts.

These products make the wall water resistant, for use in places like kitchens and bathrooms. Sealguard does not change the colour of brick or stone strips, and is recommended in wet areas and kitchens, especially in the case of natural stone strips. Antique Marble impregnator makes brick/stone strips water repellent, and deepens colours. This is particularly effective with slate.


When ordering TESU natural stone strips, take into account that there will be some cutting losses involved when applying them. Occasionally, the may also be some cracks in your products. Don't worry, you can still use these pieces. Strips are applied offset, so you will also need half strips and other strips that need to be cut horizontally or vertically. You will certainly be able to use any of the strips with cracks, you won't run out. Our advice is to order 10% extra on the exact measured size. For example: Length 3 m Height 2.5 m means 3 x 2.5 = 7.5 m2, plus 10% is 8.25 m2.

Strips are sold per full box. By adding items to the shopping cart, you will get an overview of your order and its total price. Strips are always packed in full boxes (numbers may vary). The shopping cart automatically calculates full boxes.