Facade 2XL brown

The brick slips are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Brown XL brick slips. Inspired by the elongated masonry stones from exclusive luxury housing. An exclusive wall in your living room, shop, at your workplace or in a modern catering establishment. All these walls can have the appearance of the most exclusive brick of the moment. Façade XL is the new generation of brick slips. You also buy smart and cheap compared to whole bricks of this size. Facade brick slips are also extremely suitable for (outdoor & indoor) projects and facade cladding.

The 49x4 cm format gives a beautiful luxurious look to your home or project. The brick slips are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Order them online or request an affordable sample package. This species is 2 cm thick.

Facade brick slips are easy to process, even with narrow joints. Please note that some expertise or skill is required. There is also some tolerance in exact sizing. So you can compensate for a small size difference in the work! Use the broken brick slips that are also in the boxes as cutting pieces to start or end a new row. If necessary, ask us for advice. Placing with a wide joint (10mm) is easier than installing with a narrow joint of 7mm.

Placing Facade stone trips requires your attention. Use the right materials and tools. Choose your own unique way of processing and joining. There are many possibilities:

In the example, a colored joint (color 939) has been chosen. You can also order this joint mortar immediately in this webshop.

Grouting facade brick slips from the example: Filling the joints, combing the joint (with the special joint comb), deepening the joint with a joint roller, and then brushing with a hand brush.

More Information
More Information
Dimensions 49x4cm
Thinkness 2cm
Quantity in box 48