Brick strips, real brick.

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Please allow 10% saw/breakage loss
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Brick strips, real brick.

Sawn from real old, used brick. Type Bruges, old Belgian colors. Red / orange mottled with white "chalk-like" clouds. A stone with a lot of character. The brick comes from the demolition of buildings. This stone is bursting with character and gives your wall a special and nostalgic look. A unique brick strip, which is used in homes, shops and also in the hospitality industry. Ideal for making an industrial wall.                                                                          

There are also broken stones in your delivery. It belongs to this species. Applying this vintage brick product with its varied sizes requires some skill. Not all bricks have exactly the same dimensions. Leave joints fairly wide, to compensate variations in size. Also use broken brick slips in between to enhance the old effect. Place the brick slips in so-called 'wild bond'

The photos show the results with both white grout and grey grout. This grout can be ordered immediately. The pointing can be recessed so that the depth of the brick is given more visual emphasis.

Start each new row with a different size. Also use the broken stone.
This way you limit breakage and sawing loss.

The brick strips are supplied freshly cut and humid in styrofoam boxes. After drying, they revert to the original colour. Each received shipment can be slightly different.

More Information
More Information
Dimensions 23 -26 x 7 cm
Thinkness 2 cm
Quantity in box 28 = 0,5 m2
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