Multi Color XL corner piece

2-part corner piece for perfectly finishing protruding corners.

The 2 parts together have the same size as one complete Desert Sun stone strip: 20 x 56 cm.

The corner piece has a long part and a short part. The corner has an rough appearance and a stylish finish.


How to calculate how many you need:

The corner piece is 20 cm high, so if your wall is 280 cm  high you will need 280 divided by 20 = 14 corner pieces.

Additional Information

Name Multi Color XL corner piece
Price indication Piece
Dimensions 1 x 44 cm, 1 x 16 cm
Thinkness 2 tot 3,5 cm
Quantity in box los te bestellen

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Multi Color XL corner piece

Please allow 10% saw/breakage loss

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