Algemene voorwaarden


These terms and conditions apply to all of our quotes and offers, and to all agreements we enter into with purchasers and other parties (hereinafter ‘customers’).

Conclusion of agreement

All our quotes, unless expressly stated otherwise, are valid for 14 days. An agreement has commenced if a quote is signed and returned to us within 14 days of it being sent. Prices in our online store may differ. However, prices are only valid after the order confirmation is returned to the customer, or no response protesting the price is given within 24 hours of order.


Stone Strip Store is obliged to meet the delivery period stated in the agreement as far as possible. However, delivery periods mentioned or otherwise specified in the agreement are never deadlines. Stone Strip Store is never responsible if delivery periods are exceeded due to force majeure.

Items ordered from Stone Strip Store cannot be returned. Items cannot be cancelled more than 48 hours after confirmation of an order. This confirmation will be sent by email, where specially-ordered items are marked with **. If the customer does not cancel the order within 48 hours, then the customer’s rights under the ‘Wet Koop op Afstand’ (Distance Selling Act) lapse, and it is assumed that the customer agrees with the agreement and will fulfil it.

Deliveries in the Netherlands  are subject to a € 35 shipping charge. Shipping to Belgium costs € 40, but may be adjusted according to the distance and price of the order.

Orders are usually not delivered on EUR-pallets. If an order is delivered on EUR-pallets, a deposit will be charged. Because we do not know in advance if an order will be delivered on EUR-pallets, we cannot add it directly to the order. After delivery, we will charge € 11.90 per EUR-pallet. You can make an appointment to return these pallets to one of our affiliated branches. You can also return the pallets to one of the pallet traders in the Netherlands, but in that case we will not return your deposit.

Orders are delivered at the first door on the premises. That means deliveries to blocks of flats or other buildings with multiple floors are only made to the main entrance. The customer is responsible for further transport to his or her residence. For security reasons, it is not possible to collect an order with payment on invoice. This is only permitted if Stone Strip Store provides explicit written permission.

Deliveries of orders are always agreed on or communicated about via the online store. If the customer is not at home on the agreed day, the order will be returned and delivered on a date to be determined. This will be subject to a € 90 delivery surcharge.


After delivery, it is the customer's responsibility to check all that all goods have been correctly supplied and are undamaged.

Any complaints must be reported to Stone Strip Store via fax or email within 24 hours. After 24 hours, any complaints are void, although this does not apply to the guarantee.


Stone Strip Store’s liability to the customer is limited to the manufacturer's guarantee. Any far-reaching liability which Stone Strip Store is unexpectedly liable for is limited to the value of the order concerned. Any liability for subsequent and/or other damage is expressly rejected.

Stone Strip Store excludes any liability to the customer for any damage to any property of the customer, irrespective of the manner in which it might arise, including all direct and indirect damage, unless the damage is caused by the gross negligence of a Stone Strip Store employee.

Stone Strip Store is not liable for damage if a customer or any third party operating on the customer’s behalf makes any changes to or carries out any work with goods supplied by Stone Strip Store.


It is the customer's responsibility to check the goods on delivery, and check that the delivery corresponds to the order. If the delivery differs from the agreement, the customer is entitled to return the delivered goods immediately, unless the difference compared to what was agreed is so insignificant that it does not justify the customer refusing to accept the goods.

If, however, the delivered goods are not immediately refused, the delivered goods are considered accepted, and the customer loses any subsequent right to complain about any deviation between the delivered goods and the agreement.


All our prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. To be eligible for any special offer, a quote must first be requested to avoid any confusion. Offers are not valid until confirmation has been sent. There are no further discounts on quoted prices. Once quotes have been accepted, no additional costs will be charged, such as shipping costs, administration fees etc.


Via Paypal, Multisafepay (IDEAL) or by invoice, always in advance. An order made at Stone Strip Store will only be prepared and delivered after full payment has been received.

The risks associated with the correctness of electronic transmissions and hindrance to electronic traffic are entirely at the expense of the customer.

Privacy policy

Stone Strip Store respects the privacy of all users of its website, and ensures that personal data provided by customers is treated confidentially. Stone Strip Store uses this data to make processing orders quick and easy. Data will only be used for any other purposes after obtaining the consent of the customer. Stone Strip Store will not sell the data to third parties, and will only make it available to third parties involved in processing orders.

Use of your name and address
Stone Strip Store uses collected data to provide its customers with the following services: If you place an order, we need your name, email address and shipping address in order to process it.

In order to make shopping at Stone Strip Store as easy as possible, Stone Strip Store records the customer's personal details and information regarding the order and use of our services, subject to the customer’s consent. This allows the website to be personalised, and products recommended that may be of interest to the customer.


All legal relationships between the contractor and the contracting party are governed by Dutch law. All disputes, as far as the jurisdiction of the District Court is concerned, will initially be settled by the competent court where the contractor is established.

‘Wet Koop op Afstand’ (Distance Selling Act)

Description of the ‘Wet Koop op Afstand’ (Distance Selling Act):
Consumers are entitled to a 7-workday cooling-off period after delivery of a product. They may return the product within that period, and only have to pay return shipping costs. The seller may not charge shipping or handling fees.

The product must be delivered to the consumer within 30 days of ordering. Failure to deliver in this period entitles the consumer to immediately cancel the purchase. This does not apply if the parties have agreed on a different delivery period.
If the consumer returns the product within the cooling-off period, the seller is obliged to refund the amount paid within 30 days.