Facade 3XL smoke

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The combination of size and color works! This pleasant medium gray somewhat concrete-like color fits in almost any interior. You can apply this wallcovering wherever you want. Modern or classic, it doesn't matter. Each project is given an exclusive atmosphere.

Outdoor use on the facade, or indoor use... everything is possible. It is possible to transform a simple-looking home into a modern home with an exclusive look. The brick slips are based on the elongated bricks that you see more and more. This type can be installed without or with minimal joints.

This species is 3 cm thick. Feel free to request an affordable sample. (see order menu)

We can reserve stocks for project-based customers. This way you are assured of timely delivery and progress of your project.

More Information
More Information
Dimensions 50x4 cm
Thinkness 3cm
Quantity in box 27st weight 38 kg