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Artificial brick strip, based on old brick. Quality product with the look of a real old brick.

A brick strip for many applications, with a constant quality. (suitable for projects and retail or restaurant chains that require the same colour and quality for every project). These brick strips help you achieve an industrial look and feel. Combinations with concrete and wood or with black steel frames complete the picture. For use in homes, shops, offices and especially in cafés and restaurants.

Production and benefits: This brick strip is produced in a mould. The mixture of cement, binder, pigments and stony material is poured into the mould. This material hardens at a specific temperature, after which it can be removed from the mould and packaged in cardboard boxes. It has the following benefits compared to materials sawn from genuine old brick:

* its very constant quality,

* its lower price,

* its slight thickness of 1.5 cm,

* a more efficient packaging,

* its constant availability - also in larger quantities

* considerably less breakage.

*for inside and outside use.


Differences with genuine old brick are hardly visible. Corner pieces are also available. The brick strips are based on a type sawn from genuine old brick and have the same minor difference in dimensions. We recommend laying these brick strips in a staggered pattern. Like real brick, the material is easy to saw, and you can also insert small pieces in between. To do so, saw the brick strip and then smooth the saw cut and corners using a grinding wheel. Recommended joint width 1 up to 1.5 cm. Joints should not be narrower in order to offset differences in dimensions. See the video tutorial in our online shop on how to apply brick strips. Type Vlaanderen is a brick strip we developed in-house. It is exclusively available from our web shop! You will not find this quality product anywhere else at this price.

More Information
More Information
Dimensions ca 26 x 6,5 cm
Thinkness 1,5 cm
Quantity in box 50