Old Red

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Sawn from genuine old bricks. Red shades blended with chalky-white clouds. These are the cement remnants from the bricks. This brick is bursting with character and gives your wall a special and nostalgic appearance. Also fits perfectly in an industrial atmosphere.

This style is often compared to the 'Bruges' brick/stone strips in our range. However, this charming brick/stone is somewhat smaller in size.

A unique brick/stone strip that is very popular in homes, shops and restaurants.The brick/stone strips are sawn from old, used bricks. Whole bricks are used to create this style (both the sides and the middle of the bricks). Each box contains side and middle pieces: expertly sawn and packaged!

Our advice is to mix them well during application, in order to achieve the right effect (see photos).

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Also suitable for use on the floor.

More Information
More Information
Dimensions 21 x 5.55 cm
Thinkness 1 - 1,5cm
Quantity in box 30