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Old, used bricks with a lot of character and signs of use.

Brick strips are sawed from old, used bricks and these are the nice sides of the brick. This type of brick is unique, comes from demolitions and creates a nostalgic atmosphere in your room. Living rooms but also other rooms in the home, shops, cafés and restaurants are suitable spaces. You will certainly create the atmosphere you are looking for with this brick strip.

A bit of broken stone can be present in every box. You can still use everything by putting it in 'random pattern'. We advise you to always order 10% more than what you need.

The grouting is very important after the brick strips have been applied, as this can be used to 'steer' as it were.  Determining the colour of the grout is important and is usually white or grey. You can flush or slightly recess the grout. Another idea is to smear some wetter grout over the brick strips after grouting to give them a vintage look, as if the wall has appeared after demolition. Thoroughly brush the delivered stone before use.

The length varies from 23 to 25.5 cm. The brick strips are usually (recommended) applied in a staggered pattern.

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Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Also suitable for use on the floor.

More Information
More Information
Dimensions 24 x 5,5 cm
Thinkness 2 cm
Quantity in box 30