ReWood wall panels made from recycled wood

ReWood wood strips can easily be used as a wall decoration. Because of the unique Z-shape the strips connect seamlessly and invisibly. The wall panels can be placed both horizontally and vertically on the wall. The strips are suitable for covering a part of a wall. So you can easily apply a web or strip to a wall.

Types and possibilities

The Z-shaped ReWood® wood strips are only 5 to 15 mm thick. The wood is glued on thin plywood. Because the pieces of wood are different in thickness, there is relief, and this gives a very playful decorative effect. The wall panels can be processed in different ways. You can choose to provide one wall in your living room, bedroom or entrance with wood strips. It is also possible to apply only a strip in width or length to a wall, instead of covering the entire wall. There are many, also artistic possibilities.

Request a sample?

Ordering without having seen and felt the wood strip can be difficult, we understand this like no other. That's why you can easily request a sample of the ReWood wood strip for free *. Matching the strip on your interior is easy! Would you rather see a large surface covered with wood strips? Then visit our Trendia showroom in Breda, NL.